prayer…thots aloud..

Below is one of my favorite quotes, always gives me a sense of belonging, someone knows who I am and what I am passing through.


PRAYER is something that has always been a part of me. I prayed when I needed to hear from my father. I prayed when I was baptized by John, when I chose the twelve and when I did mighty works. I prayed when facing my darkest hour, and I prayed when I gave my life on the cross. I prayed when I broke bread and prayed when I blessed the children. I prayed in public, before others and I prayed alone. I prayed in the daytime and I prayed at night.
I prayed for my disciples just before I was arrested in the garden, you were included in that prayer. When I taught my disciples how to pray, it was for your understanding as well. I know that I am not physically present with you today as I was with my disciples so many years ago, but my heart of prayer has not changed. I am praying for you now because you are mine. My love for you is great and my heart for you is full. I pray for peace over you and blessings upon you. I pray rivers of joy to be within you and to flow out through you. I pray for good things over you. I pray that your life will bear much fruit, that you will grow in grace, that your faith will increase and that you will stand strong until the day I see you face to face. AMEN.


Dark nights? ..He’s been there too.

None of the ransomed ever knew
How deep were the waters crossed
Nor how dark was the night
That the Lord passed through
Ever before He found His sheep
That was lost!
– Elizabeth Clephane

dung pool jacuzzi

I wrote the words hereunder, during a period of what I call doldrums, when all seemed bleak and I was down. As these words floated into my head, I penned them down. It helped me realize how much effort God put into making me who I am – even at that time and gave me fresh hope that things would change and sure they did. It broke my depression.

“GOD saw me in the gutter of dung, sitting contentedly, playing around in the pool of dung, as though I was in a Jacuzzi. He came by in His clothes of yore, and asking permission sat in the dung, chest deep with me.

First, He became my friend, earned my trust and carefully convinced me to leave the pool of dung, just to see what being out of it feels like. Because He’s so good natured I oblige Him, what are friends for?

From thereon, He convinces me gently of the need for a change of clothes, not because He is fed up of being in the dung, but because I’m beginning to smell awful. I am rinsed and washed. He talks me into taking a stroll and gradually begins to introduce me to the higher life. I see us in orchards and while walking through its vales, I ask Him, ‘why did You come to sit with me in the dung pool when you have all this largess at your command?’. His reply was simple and profound: ‘I was lonely. I had so much but none to share or enjoy it with. So I sought for myself a man and seeing you sunbathing, frolicking in a dung pool Jacuzzi, I decided that you need a change of environment and I needed company”.

He was as though a negotiator, who came to talk me out of my madness, so that I would not do myself any more harm than I had succeeded in doing so far.”


My mom was born shortly after the second world war. Food was scarce, hunger was everywhere. Her mom, was so hungry that she had no breast milk to give. All thought my mom would not make it. Well, her Grandmom thought different. She picked up my mom to nurse her. My mom lived with her grandmother till the good old lady passed on when she was 14. Her famous words were: bread will feed, and water will cleanse. (Insert Russian and translation). By corn bread soaked in water my mom was nourished, and miraculously survived.
Today, I have come to realize how much I owe her, though I never met her. Most of what she passed on to my mom in the brief 14 years they stayed together, became the backbone of my life. The need for hard work and the corresponding belief in the existence and support of God. The little stories my mom told me of their time together, makes me hope I can see her one day and hug her, thank her for the massive impact she had on my life, though she is no more- her seed of wisdom lives yet in me. Her name was Nadia, short for Nadeshda – HOPE.

Getting credit with God

The heart strings of God are tugged by the plight of the poor,
several passages from scripture show how concerned He is with their plight and several things He recommended be done to ease their suffering. these findings I will publish here soon..but lets all spare a thought for the less privileged…the surest way to get God to owe you!!

I personally propose to alleviate their suffering by giving to them, so that God constantly owes me! (Prov 19:17)

Trash at your door…

“I remember my earliest days as a Christian, when there came to my mind thoughts so evil that I clapped my hand over my mouth for fear I should be led to give utterance to them. This is one way in which Satan tortures those whom God has delivered from his hands. Many of the choicest saints have been so molested.

Once when I had been grievously assailed by the tempter, I went to see my dear old grandfather. I told him about my terrible experience and I wound up by saying: “I am sure I cannot be a child of God or else I should never have such thoughts.”

“Nonsense Charles”, replied the good old man; it is just because you are a Christian, you are so tempted. These are the devils brats, which he delights to leave at the door of a Christian. Don’t you own them as yours, give them neither heart-room nor head-room”
– Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Cf: Gen 4:7 = behold sin lieth at the door, and its desire is for you, BUT YOU RULE OVER IT!