prayer…thots aloud..

Below is one of my favorite quotes, always gives me a sense of belonging, someone knows who I am and what I am passing through.


PRAYER is something that has always been a part of me. I prayed when I needed to hear from my father. I prayed when I was baptized by John, when I chose the twelve and when I did mighty works. I prayed when facing my darkest hour, and I prayed when I gave my life on the cross. I prayed when I broke bread and prayed when I blessed the children. I prayed in public, before others and I prayed alone. I prayed in the daytime and I prayed at night.
I prayed for my disciples just before I was arrested in the garden, you were included in that prayer. When I taught my disciples how to pray, it was for your understanding as well. I know that I am not physically present with you today as I was with my disciples so many years ago, but my heart of prayer has not changed. I am praying for you now because you are mine. My love for you is great and my heart for you is full. I pray for peace over you and blessings upon you. I pray rivers of joy to be within you and to flow out through you. I pray for good things over you. I pray that your life will bear much fruit, that you will grow in grace, that your faith will increase and that you will stand strong until the day I see you face to face. AMEN.


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