My mom was born shortly after the second world war. Food was scarce, hunger was everywhere. Her mom, was so hungry that she had no breast milk to give. All thought my mom would not make it. Well, her Grandmom thought different. She picked up my mom to nurse her. My mom lived with her grandmother till the good old lady passed on when she was 14. Her famous words were: bread will feed, and water will cleanse. (Insert Russian and translation). By corn bread soaked in water my mom was nourished, and miraculously survived.
Today, I have come to realize how much I owe her, though I never met her. Most of what she passed on to my mom in the brief 14 years they stayed together, became the backbone of my life. The need for hard work and the corresponding belief in the existence and support of God. The little stories my mom told me of their time together, makes me hope I can see her one day and hug her, thank her for the massive impact she had on my life, though she is no more- her seed of wisdom lives yet in me. Her name was Nadia, short for Nadeshda – HOPE.


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