John Newton received from the Lord almost unbelievable answers to prayers. As a result of the above fact, he was used to asking large things from the Lord. In order to support this practice, he would often tell this story you are going to read now:

“A man whose daughter Alexander the Great decided to marry asked the General to give him a large sum of money as bride price. The ruler mandated him to request from his treasure anything he wanted. So he went and asked for a large amount which the fund keeper hesitated to make available. Before giving this money to the Emperors in-law, the cashier went to Alexander and told him that, “even a fraction of that money requested would more than serve the purpose”

NO! Replied Alexander, let him have it all. I like the fellow. He does me honor. He treats me like a king and proves by what he asks that he believes me to be both rich and generous.

Newton concluded the story by saying that we should in the same way go to the throne of Grace and present petitions that shows honorable views of the love, riches and beauty of our King!


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