God does not have visiting hours.
Humans cannot be visited too early ( Ps 27:14), or too late (Lk 11:5,7) or too frequently (Pr 25:17). Jesus was visited at night, no grumbling (Jn 3:2), rudely awoken from cherished sleep when exhausted- no murmuring (Lk 8:23), he was visited in the evening at sunset (Mk 1:32); they also followed him at noon (Jn 4:6, 52) and even towards the late afternoon, around 4pm (Jn 1:39).
They crowded round him at home (Mk 2:1-2, 4:1, 5:21), at the riverside (Mk 3:7-9) and even in the desert (Mk 1:45, 6:32-33, Lk 2:42). When He retreated to rest, they hunted him down (Mk 6:33), they denied him the privacy to a decent meal (Mk 3:20, 6:31); they even crowded him at prayer (Lk 9:18, 11:1). If He climbed up a mountain, up they clambered after him (Mt 15:29,30), should he walk along the way: “yo! Here we are!” (Mt 5:24, 10:17). Crowds seemed to be an accepted and inseparable part of his life. Even His family were “bounced” from getting access!!! Imagine such effrontery (Lk 8:19). They weren’t exempt from such treatment from the people.
When the disciples decided to “protect” him from the inconsiderate and overbearing people, he didn’t like it (Mk 10:14). He came for the people ( Mk 10:45) and he would not be drawn into geographical (Lk 13: 22, 18:1, ), filial (Lk 11:27,28) or tribal (Lk 4:42) sentiments. He saw it differently (Mk 6:34) and wished that they all saw it the same way. When they did not see it from his point of view, he became angry (Mk 3:5). And what was his point of view? Compassion!!
He saw it as his responsibility to ever devise means for privacy, sometimes he was successful (Mk 1:35, 9:30; Lk 5:16, 11:54; Jn 5 :15, 10:40, 12:36) at other times he was not (Mk 6: 31-34,7:24; Lk 9:10-11). Whenever he was discovered he wasn’t mad, he was glad. He had a measure of compassion that overruled tiredness and lack of privacy (Mt 9:36, Mk 6:34; Lk 9:11)
Jesus snatched out time here and there to nurture his own spirit: he rose early (Mk 1:35), slept late (Jn 3:2 – after Nicodemus had left!) and lost his night’s sleep (Jn 6:15). At other times he snatched time and sneaked out to nurture himself time and time again (Lk 5:16). There is no record of him ever murmuring under his breath for losing his sleep or not eating his bread in peace or being shut from his family. I remember that D.L Moody’s wife had to find time for him to see his children and family and also look after his health. Robert Schuller’s itinerary was set up by his wife, as was Martin Luther’s schedule set by Katherine.
If you decide to serve the people, and God sees this, he’ll prevent you from burning out. Faithful men are hard to find, and even God is pinched when his faithful friends groomed and familiar pass off from the sphere of being used. (Pr 20:6, Josh 1:2). He’ll achieve this by every means possible: by giving you a strong willed but gentle wife, by infusing you with divine health and strength i.e checking your biological clock and by ordering the steps of your seekers – shortening or lengthening them.

NOTE: It is also applicable for approach to prayer too!! what if the pastor you wish to see is asleep? with his wife? his kid is sick? or doing homework? is praying himself? or on a journey or even preaching at the time? do you postpone your issue till he arrives or simply dial God’s number? he has no P.A, you do not fill visitor forms, book an appointment or schedule a visit! you walk in boldly to THE THRONE OF GRACE!!. it is wise to talk to HIM sooner rather than later, like i love to say: talk to God for free or talk to a shrink for a fee!!


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