Musings for the new year

#1: You may have attacked a fortress with a pick axe and concluded that it was impregnable; it does not work- how about a battering ram? You may have attempted to move a car with a puff of your lips and concluded the wind/air is powerless, how about the whirlwind or tornado? You may have pounded a dam with a cup of water and concluded that water cannot move anything, how about an overrunning flood?
What is the difference? FORCE! Shrapnel launched from a bomb of gun will pierce through a brick wall, but if thrown with the hand will bounce off the wall and fall to ground.
There is need to connect to a force, a greater power, a working dynamo, the force to overrun, overlap, overtake and recover; the force that makes a man outrun a horse, is it not written: “ thou shalt mount up with wings as of eagles?” (Isa 40:31)
There is a force that breaks asunder the gates of brass and cuts asunder the bars of iron, why? To give you access to the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places! He knows where the enemy has stashes blessings, your plunder and barricaded your goods. There is required a commensurate action to expose the loot and spoils gathered by your foes.
Which wings are provided to you as FORCE? To engage the power to overcome and fire straw into a block of wood? The force to propel you past obstacles, barriers and ambushments? The force of the Spirit – engaged through the word of God and prayer, the double edged sword. Beware when coming to Jesus, to answer questions he usually asks, like: How do you read? Did you not read? Have you not heard? (Matt 21:6, 19:4). No matter how hard your request, He remains unflustered, he will respond: what wilt thou? (Matt 20:21). “it is written” is a frequent expression of his ( Matt 21:13, 4:4,7,10, 21:42, Isa 34:16, matt 22:29, 43,44, Matt 26:24,54,56, Matt 12:3,5,7)
It is wise to immerse yourself in His Word, (Matt 22:29) so when he gives you a hard saying, a seeming rebuke you may reply, “yea, even so BUT THE DOGS UNDER THE TABLE DO EAT THE CHILDRENS CRUMBS”., and hear HIS response: for this saying!… IT MATTERS WHAT YOU ARE SAYING…
This year, I will do my part, pay my tithe, honour my father (not scorn him – mention his failures in derision, mockery or merriment – but only if necessary for correction and instruction- in anonymity) and GOD will do his part – He will prosper whatsoever I do – whether I find myself in AVIATION, SOLAR ENERGY BUSINESS, I.T OR SOME OTHER ENDEAVOUR.


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